100% Biodegradable Plastic Free Packaging

Evolooption™ is an Impact social business offering innovative eco-friendly supply chain packaging solutions. Headquartered in Singapore with robust operations and manufacturing in Vietnam, we commit ourselves to sustainability and the betterment of our environment. Our notable 100% biodegradable product range focuses on pallet wrap, bubble wrap and hangers. These are crafted using our proprietary bio-technology and plant based bio-polymers. This makes Evolooption™ a comprehensive one stop solution provider for sustainable packaging solutions for supply chain requirements.


At Evolooption™, our mission is to foster a plastic-free future through biodegradable alternatives that align with nature's cycle, aiming to reduce waste and nurture the environment. The company stands as a testament to the founders' vision of leaving a cleaner planet for future generations.

Our commitment to the environment and to the future.

Transparency, authenticity, and sustainability are at the core of our business. We are committed to helping create a planet that exists with permanence and plastic-free potential. Therefore, we are calling on like-minded businesses to help ‘close the loop’ with affordable, functional, sustainable packaging solutions designed for both enterprises and consumers.

Let’s all benefit and thrive from a circular economy! A cleaner world creates a clearer conscience, and replacing poor purchase behaviour with an alternative choice is at the heart of our ethos. If you’re ready to join our community and change the world through one packaging at a time, talk to us.