Sea & Soil Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Evolooption™ is a Singapore-owned company providing sustainable packaging solutions for large enterprises or small businesses. Our biodegradable e-commerce and supply chain packaging products are great for businesses’ bottom line, but even greater for the environment.

Evolooption™ is an exerted outcome of some of the best minds in European biotechnology. The materials we use was formulated in a Swiss lab by Singaporean polymer scientists. Thorough research and continuous testing, we produced Singapore’s first accessible, durable, compostable, white label sustainable packaging solution.


We sell a wide range of compostable packaging solutions including plastic-free bags, zip lock garment bags, pallet wrap, pouches, and mailers. Our products are produced for enterprises of scale, or even for one-off requests. We are a one-stop sustainable packaging solution provider for e-commerce or supply chain requirements.

For your plastic-free packaging needs, contact Evolooption™ today or browse through our online shop to find the right compostable bag or mailer for your business.

Our commitment to the environment and to the future.

Transparency, authenticity, and sustainability are at the core of our business. We are committed to helping create a planet that exists with permanence and plastic-free potential. Therefore, we are calling on like-minded businesses to help ‘close the loop’ with affordable, functional, sustainable packaging solutions designed for both enterprises and consumers.

Let’s all benefit and thrive from a circular economy! A cleaner world creates a clearer conscience, and replacing poor purchase behaviour with an alternative choice is at the heart of our ethos.


If you’re ready to join our community and change the world through one packaging at a time, speak to one of our specialists about your supply chain or e-commerce packaging needs and we’ll send over a free quote!

If you are looking for packaging options that are not available in our online store, talk to us so we can help you with the customised creation you are looking for.