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Toxic free and fashionista fit, our biodegradable and compostable garment bags can be used in a variety of packaging materials, suited for all e-commerce and supply chain packaging, with flap taped features, or biodegradable zip-lock detail.



Sustainable Garment Bags

With a shared vision to achieve a waste-free Earth, the Evolooption™ Garment Bags (with flap) is a part of our expanding line of innovative biodegradable packaging solutions. We want to help lay out a variety of alternative green choices for everyday packaging needs such as these smart sustainable garment bags.

On Trend. Our compostable garment bags join the present revolutionary movement in sustainable packaging. These garment bags use toxic-free ink and are certified to the global international home and industrial biodegradability standards. Consumers and companies are welcome to purchase The Evolooption™ Garment Bags (with flap)off the shelf, or costumise your own sustainable garment bags according to your brand identity.

Mindful. It’s not magic but the wonders of biotechnology that make up the Evolooption™ Garment Bags. Put together by a collaboration of the world’s best scientists and laboratory, these sustainable garment bags are made from non-GMO corn and cassava starches and blend of two biopolymers called PLA and PBAT to keep the strength and printed with a non-toxic ink - a step towards a responsible and cleaner future.

Gentle on the planet. The Evolooption™ Garment Bags is polyethylene-free - the toxic substance present in most garment bags and conventional PE plastics that causes health risks. Instead of leaving plastic wastes that take centuries to decompose, let’s leave enduring sustainable practices in packaging solutions starting today.

storage recommendations

All our products are made of natural ingredients and designed to decompose, which is similar to the regenerative foundation of nature. Please store the Evolooption™ Garment Bags directly out of the sunlight and in a cool, dry environment. The product shelf life of these sustainable garment bags is between 9-12 months from the date of purchase.

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