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Combat both landfill and ocean waste, and create your own vanishing act with an easy method of disposal. Designed to disappear, our water soluble bags are non-toxic and dissolve completely in warm or hot water.



Water Soluble Bags


Imagine a world where we all use non-toxic packaging that can completely dissolve in water. What a cleaner world that would be! The revolutionary Evolooption™ Hydraloop™ bags have made that vision into a reality. Designed to dissolve in warm or hot water, the Hydraloop™ bags are the solution to combat both landfill and ocean waste, thanks to its convenient method of disposal.

Durable. These water-soluble bags pack the same punch as traditional plastic products – durable, non-porous, and meet the required industrial standards. Although suitable for single-use applications, our Hydraloop™ bags are designed to withstand the rigorous use of businesses and consumers. That means you can count on the same barrier properties of conventional plastics, but without the landfill. We offer various thicknesses to suit various applications as well so just ask us.

Versatile. Hydraloop™ bags are made from Hydropol, a patented blend of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) which provides a superior combination of incredible clarity and strength, providing multi-purpose usage – from safe transportation of contaminated medical equipment to an everyday shopping bag.

Water Soluble. Our water soluble bags will dissolve over a short period of time at room temperature in the wild. However, for faster results, dissolve the bags in warm water. The hotter the temperature, the more instant the results. Hydraloop™ bags will instantly dissolve at 70°C, and in warm water at 40°C.

Our water-soluble Hydraloop™ bags are designed with your specific needs in mind. You can purchase it off the shelf or have it customised with your own branding preferences. We offer white label service with a lower minimum order quantity as compared to our competitors.

storage recommendations

As our products are made of natural ingredients and designed to decompose, please keep the Hydraloop™ bags away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry environment. The product shelf life of these water soluble bags is between 9-12 months from the date of purchase but it can be extended if you keep the products in a cool, dry environment, away from direct sunlight.

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